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We shall be running COMPETITIONS on the App and with the Physical Game via Website, Facebook and Twitter. Competitions mean prizes – yes they will be mean - prizes to suit all tastes.


We will publish a topical pun-a-day and invite you to join in with yours - prizes for the worst ones ! John famously won Ken Bruce's BBC radio 2 's Headline Hunt Competition Nineteen times, all under friends names

WORD of the DAY

Invent your own!. We want funny or clever definitions or new meanings. e.g. Eunuch - willy nilly

NEW PHRASES or converted old ones

E.g. Clint Eastwood's new gardening film " The Gourd , The Bud and the Ugli " or his sequel Cookery Film " For A Few Dollops More "


What do Suarez and Noddy have in common ? They both love BIG EARS !


We love them! SWALK ! - Sealed With A Loving Kiss

TRAY of the DAY

Send a screen shot from the APP or a photo of the board to Of your humorous or amazing word play.


Send us any Adventurous, Humorous, or Risque versions of a SCRUMPIT promo style video – we will publish the best.


Become our first World SCRUMPION by winning the first WORLD SCRUMPIONSHIP ! Big prizes , Coming soon.

Contact us at via the Contact Page to find out how to Start or Join a League for the Physical Game

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