Even the best crossword player can be shut out by tactical play. If the other players decide to join forces against the best Wordsmith, then a frustrating and fun time will be had by all.


The clever player is the one who keeps scoring and frustrating others at the same time. Reaching the Apex Star ‘7’ is not necessarily the main aim – continual scoring while driving others crazy IS! Short words like TAX, TAXI, TAXIS are great scorers, and remember that in ‘SCRUMPIT’ unlike other word games there are for Qx12s, four Zx10s, four Xx10s, four Jx10s, all could be available for you to score with.

Do not block yourself out from reaching your Apex Star ‘7’ – if you do, you will not be able to finish – others will catch you up and drive you Bonkers! Advanced planning is essential – just as in Chess – beware!

Look out for
SCRUMPIT Pairs (as in Bridge)
Playing with a partner (opposite each other) is a variation of a crossword gane - unique to SCRUMPIT. Example: Blue & Red combine forces against Green & Yellow, keeping their letters confidential. Blue & Red may decide to play in the same direction (sat Red) thus speedily achieving “Home” for Red, who may then decide to favour Blue. No player may ever enter anothers’ “Home” Scrump Zone, and only the player who is “Home” is permitted to Scrump Team scores are added together.

SCRUMPIT Double Trouble

The rules of play are the same, but the Object and Tactics differ