The Team

Scrumpit Team
Left to right: John Mott,   Paul Cope,   Mark Cope

John Mott

Founder & Inventor

Interesting facts about John

Britain's leading Inventor with over 30 Patents to his name John invented the world’s first Carbon Fibre Racquets and Golf Clubs. His "Light-Up" children's shoes are famous Worldwide View YouTube Video and see many others including an endorsement by The Smithsonian Institute via Discovery Channel.

John famously won Ken Bruce's BBC radio 2 's Headline Hunt Competition Nineteen times, all under friends names He has played world champions in every racquet sport John is a creative genius, a prolific inventor.

What John says about SCRUMPIT

It's deliciously wicked !
It's Cat and Mouse played by Rats.
It's Snakes and ladders, without the ladders.
He promises you will sell your Grandmother! if you don't she will sell you!

John’s ethos of SCRUMPIT

John wanted to invent a word game which would give everyone a chance to win , not just the smart bottoms .
He combined the ONE most successful feature of the three best games of all time - Chess, Draughts (checkers) and Monopoly, the ability to steal or gain piece at another's expense . SCRUMP means to "steal your neighbours’ fruit" and that is what SCRUMPIT does - whoever starts winning will have their letters Scrumped by others!

John’s passions

Word Games - Word Play - Puns – John is a one man pun machine, He is passionate about Racquet sports, Golf andTottenham Hotspur FC.
John aims to keep Britain GREAT through his invention conveyor belt

Paul Cope


Interesting facts about Paul

Creator of ‘Noisebreaker’ the world’s leading hearing protector; Pioneer of the first UK hand held credit card terminal.and a patented on-line gratuity feature. Paul has cycled from Land’s End to John o’ Groats, and from Guildford to Monaco.

What Paul says about SCRUMPIT

It has a new twist with every game I play – We keep finding new variations in strategy.
The options seem endless.

Paul’s passions

Paul is a word game and puzzle fanatic.
He is enthusiastic about everything to do with Rudyard Kipling.
In his limited his spare time he watches his beloved cricket team from his front garden (locally known as the Cope enclosure) and hosts summer parties for friends and family. Often seen sporting a Pooh Bear tie (he even has one suitable for a funeral)

Mark Cope

Scrumpit App Creator

Interesting facts about Mark

Direct descendent of James Ruse – the first convict to set foot in Australia in 1788 and Australia’s first self sufficient farmer.

What Mark says about SCRUMPIT

Mark loves creating the features for SCRUMPIT APP. Mark is excited by the game’s scalability, building the worldwide SCRUMPITEER community of unscrupulous wordsmiths.

Mark’s passions

Mark is passionate about travelling – experiencing new cultures and the appreciating natural world, but mainly for the adventure! He is very interested in international relations. He loves keeping fit, swimming 2 miles daily, and scuba diving as much as he can. He is ambitious, enterprising and adventurous, and always on the lookout for new business development opportunity and creating optimal strategies.